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Important Pet Care Tips
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Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?
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Coyotes, Bobcats and Owls, Oh My!

Coyotes were first seen in Sarasota County in 1997 and are now considered part of the ecosystem. In addition to being a hindrance, some wildlife experts believe that coyotes are aiding in restoring our natural systems. Bobcats, owls and other predators also play a role.
Predators typically shy away from humans, but, can absolutely be a danger to our pets and livestock.
So, how do you keep your pets safe? Here are some proactive measures that you can take to minimize the dangers:
*keep pets indoors
*remove food sources such as unsecured trash and pet food
*shelter and secure livestock
*install electric fencing when appropriate
*clean up seed around bird feeders and fallen fruit beneath fruit trees
*build a covered enclosure
*close off open areas around structures such as house crawl spaces to discourage unwanted animals from taking up residence
*hang shiny objects in trees and on fences
*never leave your pet unattended outdoors and stay in view as predators will generally leave pets alone when you’re near
*when walking dogs, especially at dawn, dusk or at night, keep the leash short and avoid walking near or through wooded areas
*if you have more than one dog, take them out together to intimidate predators as the dogs exercise or go potty
*if you take your dog on hikes or they’re involved in other outdoor activities, consider buying pet vest body armor
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Choose The Right Pet Sitter.

Choosing a pet sitter is one of the most important decisions to ensure the safest care of your pets.
Should you hire a local, independent pet sitting company or use a franchise?
Using an app to find a sitter may be tempting. However, some of our clients have shared that before hiring us, they suffered countless disappointments. Disappointments included franchise sitters just not showing up, different sitters on each visit (no consistency) and equally as astounding, adults signed up as the sitter while they were actually paying teens to do the sitting! Additional complaints of doors being left open and the house being unlocked led clients to call us.
Pros for using our local, independent business include:
*we have been serving the Sarasota/Bradenton area since 2005
*we are insured and bonded
*at the consultation clients get to know us. Right from the start, we establish trust and develop a solid rapport
*we customize a program to meet the client and pet needs
*we have no employees resulting in 1 of the 2 owners doing the sitting
*we text clients updates and pictures at each visit
*clients are invited to call or text us 365 days a year
*references are provided upon request
*we are members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (and have been featured in their magazine)
*we are an Accredited Better Business Bureau member
Knowing that you have done your research and are making the right decision by hiring a local, independent pet sitter will give you peace of mind.
Presented by Lisa Lewis, A Critter Sitter Co, 932-7049.


Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Pet parents have many choices to care for their fur kids while they are away, working long hours or simply unable. The options include friends, family, boarding/daycare or a professional pet sitter. According to many experts, a familiar environment and diet with personal attention is a favorable alternative for many pets. Using friends and family may be a solution, but, a professional pet sitter is your best choice. They will be bonded and carry commercial liability insurance. Services include but are not limited to feeding, watering, scooping the cat box, bringing in the mail/newspaper and even leaving some lights on for that “lived in” look. Being responsible for your pets as well as your home means you should carefully select a professional pet sitter. At the interview, ask the candidate questions and be satisfied with every response. Ask for references and proof of insurance! Watch carefully as the sitter interacts with your pets and note how your pet responds.
The most important reason for hiring a professional pet sitter is the health and safety of your fur kids. What if there is an emergency, would your friends and family know what to do? Where to go? A professional pet sitter will arrive on the designated dates and times, keep in touch with you providing updates on your pet(s) activities and behavior.
Choosing the right pet sitter is a very important aspect of pet ownership and care. Do your homework and choose wisely!
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Important Pet Care Tips

-Spay and neuter your pets-they’ll live a longer, healthier life!
-Have your pets microchipped.
-Keep updated tags on your pet at ALL times.
-Always have your pet on a leash.
-If your dog pulls when walking, consider a gentle leader or a harness which gives more control.
-Never assume that your dog will not bite another dog or a person, not every dog gets along with other dogs and not all dogs love every “stranger”.
-Keep cats indoors all year round. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is twice that of an outdoor cat.
-Have one cat box per cat and scoop at least once a day.
-Provide clean water and clean bowls regularly.
-Feed quality food to maintain nutrition and proper weight.
-Check eyes daily for excess discharge and check ears weekly for cleanliness.
-Groom your pet regularly to reduce shedding & improve the skin and coat.
-Keep chewing gum, strings, rubber bands, coins and small objects off of the floor away from pets as they can be deadly.
-Make sure house plants are pet safe, many common house and garden plants are poisonous to pets. Chocolate, grapes and other foods are also harmful. National Pet Poison 1-888-232-8870.
-Keep a copy of Pet Pages handy at all times. Accidents happen when you least expect them and if your pet requires emergency medical care, you’ll know who to call.
Caring for your pets properly requires knowledge of pet care, pet health, handling emergency situations and assuming responsibility of ownership in order for your loved ones to be safe in your absence.
Presented by Lisa Lewis, A Critter Sitter Co, Sarasota, 941-732-7049


Peril At Poolside

As a pet sitter, clients have asked that I leave their lanai door open allowing pets the luxury of basking in the sun at poolside between visits to their home. People do not realize how dangerous it is to leave pets unattended around the pool.
A few cat owners have shared with me that their cats have fallen in the pool and they themselves have pulled them out…yet they continue to allow the cat pool access. Cats are natural swimmers, but can only swim short distances. Climbing out of the water over a ledge is impossible for cats.
Although you may believe that your pet either doesn’t like the water or that they are an excellent swimmer, accidents happen. Even the best swimmers might panic when they can’t find a way out. Dogs swim to the closest edge of the pool and often try to claw their way out. Fatigue sets in and the dog drowns. Although most dogs drown due to exhaustion, ingesting chemicals in the water can be fatal as well.
In the past few months in Sarasota, at least 4 pets have drowned. So, please think twice before giving your pets the freedom to come and go around the pool (whether you are home or not). Accidents happen within seconds and there is no turning back time.
Your pet’s health and well-being is the responsibility of a pet sitter. Limiting risks of all kinds should be a priority.
Presented by A Critter Sitter Co, Sarasota, 941-932-7049.


30 X 5 = Health & Happiness

As a result of pet owners having less time to spend with their pets, pets become bored due to lack of attention. They may also find themselves sleeping and eating more which all lead to health risks. Working out with your dog increases circulation, promotes strong bones, tones muscle, improves your dog’s state of happiness and well-being and is advantageous to you too!
For most dogs, a 30 minute walk at least 5 days a week has them feeling better mentally and physically resulting in better overall health and contentment. Stimulating via exercise often addresses behavioral problems and fewer health issues arise as well. Regular exams by your veterinarian are important and should never be missed. And at the same time, do your part to be sure that your pet gets a clean bill of health by being a responsible and engaged pet owner.
Let’s face it, most of our lives are very full and finding time to exercise our dog may seem impossible. But, help is just a phone call away. To keep your pet healthy inside and out, a professional dog walker can really make a difference to your entire family. Be sure the dog walker understands any health issues or limitations your pet may have before beginning a regular exercise program. A happy pet makes a happy family!
When interviewing a professional dog walker, be sure to ask for references and qualifications.
Presented by Lisa Lewis, A Critter Sitter Co, 932-7049.

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